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Sam's Club Answers Back, After Costco Drops Polish Dogs From Their Menu

Costco is famous for a litany of reasons. Their warehouse stores are famously massive, their delectable end-aisle samples are always top-notch, and their jaw-droppingly low prices on bulk goods make them one of the best in the game. And one of the most beloved aspects about a trip to Costco came in the purchasing of a super delicious (super affordable) polish dog on your way out. It was a perfect end to a perfect shopping trip. However, despite its immense popularity, Costco has decided to stop serving this fan-favorite to their customers after years of scrumptious success.

This, as you could imagine, has shaken every Costco member to their core. Is it even worth paying the annual membership fee anymore?! Those hot dogs were undeniably awesome. This shocking move is akin to McDonald's taking fries off their legendary menu. It just doesn't make sense, people!

Rest assured, hot dog fans, because it seems as though our good friend, Sam, is going to pick up the polish slack by selling his own version of the classic European-style frank.

That's right, Sam's Club is ready to fill the hot dog void created by their arch rival, Costco.

Roughly 200 Sam's Club locations already offer a version of the dog at their cafés, but they plan on making this new menu item a staple in every store incredibly soon. In fact, the dogs will be made available nationwide on July 23rd, and cost only .99 cents! 


What's even better, is you don't even have to be a part of the growing Sam's Club family to enjoy one. An official statement released by the major chain read, "You don’t have to be a Sam’s Club member to dine in the café." Adding, "People everywhere can get their fix."

We understand and respect Costco's decision to lean towards "healthier" options, but the move to take away everyone's beloved Polish dog seems a bit harsh. Or, at least, that's how it feels right now. But, thankfully, we've got true heroes, like the good people over at Sam's Club, to step up and save our beloved Polish dogs.

Thanks, Sam. 

Your move, Costco.